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Media player review tool for students or professionals working on videogames, film, etc.


  • Frame by frame stepping.
  • Adjustable playback range.
  • Adjustable playback speed.
  • Flip media horizontally.
  • Drawing notes on each frame.
  • Export and Import drawing notes.
  • Export video frame including drawing notes on it.
  • Export playback range as .mp4 (or several other formats).
  • Export media as animated-GIF.
  • Rule of thirds grid overlay.

*Currently on development. To report any issues or feedback, please, contact me via DM on Twitter (@luismiherrera). You can also leave any comments here.

Thank you!

Luismi Herrera

version updates:

  • Added Undo/Redo drawings functionality.
  • Removed default folder to export .mp4 and .gif
  • Added hotkeys to open file, export selection to .mp4, and toggle drawing visibility.
  • RMB on camera icon to exports selection to .mp4

version updates:

  • Aries is now self-contained. No need to download .NET framework anymore.
  • Fixed issue when trying to "Export selection to .mp4 or .GIF" of files with names with special characters.
  • Fixed aspect ratio issue when using "Export Selection to .GIF". 
  • Adding ability to choose name and location of output file when exporting selection to .GIF
  • Adding the ability to export a SELECTION to .GIF.  Before it was only possible to export the whole video.
  • Adding a new option to "Export Selection to Image Sequence". I haven't tested this too much, so please report any issues or feedback you might have.
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars


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Aries.zip (version 90 MB


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Ummmmm yeah goodbye KeyframeMP/RV. Thank you Luismi, really hit the spot with the quick export movie feature. Clean and simple!

thank you very much, excellent software. I've tried it and I love it!! I just didn't donate because I don't have the financial condition yet :( May God give you double

I'm very glad you find it useful. Thank you for your comment khelmerleo. :)

I didn't start it at first, but I downloaded x64 instead of x86 of Run desktop apps and put the Aries file in the program file (x86) and it started.

it doesn't open due to an absence of the .net 5.0.0, even though i have it installed already

Hi,  if you download the new version I uploaded recently here in itch.io (version it should come with .NET included.

If for whatever reason you still need to install .NET make sure you download the .NET Desktop Runtime (it's the second option on the .NET website)

already did both, it still doesn't work

Hmm.. I'm sorry, but I really don't know what could be the problem... Is your Windows 64-bit?